Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bitcoin Soars

Behold the Bitcoin fire as it climbs higher and higher. There truly is no stopping the flames as they soar high above all systems of economy and currency. All signs are pointing to a decentralized system of currency. Keep in mind, China may have halted Bitcoin exchanges but they didn’t stop mining. 

Today, Google searches for Bitcoin and information about crypto currencies have skyrocketed. This is really happening and nothing will stop it! Jump in the fire and invest. 

The Altcoin Fire is Ragin’

While the big three (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin) do their thing, Altcoin are picking up steam and jumping into the fire! 

With more ICOs today than at any other point, it can be a task figuring out which ones to scoop up and invest in. As well, which wallets are best for holding them and your crypto funds? 

Luckily in this day in age, there’s a great deal of technology at our disposal making research and the transfer of information, obviously, easier. I always suggest getting ETH and keeping it in a wallet like, My Ether Wallet so one can easily transfer and receive without sending through an exchange. And most don’t like or offer direct transfers from an exchange anyway. Save Bitcoin, utilize other altcoins to purchase and trade. 

There are also a plethora of crypto tickers and up to the moment charts to keep in touch with the market. Keeping tabs of all wallet addresses and keys is the most important factor. I’ve seen folks invest from their exchange and lose currency. As well, phishers are out there more than ever. Seeking sneaky ways to grab crypto. Especially as the market grows, and more look to jump into the fire, the probability for theft is more likely. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Is BTG Messing With The Crypto Market?

The brand new kid on the blockchain that has everyone talking, is Bitcoin Gold. Born yesterday from a hard fork, campaigns for a “decentralized” Bitcoin as it “used to be.” That’s nice but then explain Bitcoin Cash—another hard fork born currency stemming from BTC. 

As one can see from the graphic above, courtesy of Coinbase, there’s a nearly $200 bounce back from the dismal morning and afternoon! Is this a result of the hard fork? Of the gold?

Going into yesterday’s hoopla, 1 BTC = 1 BTG
Imagine that. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Move Over Sachs and Stanley-Bitcoin's on Fire

The numbers coming out today are stunning. Thing is, it's not just Bitcoin that's jumping here, it's Etherium too, and Litecoin (happy birthday, Litecoin-6 years old) as well as most altcoins really. There's no doubt all eyes are on blockchain technology. It's attractive. It's transparent. It's causing jealousy. It can and will be, adopted by most major industries in due time.

Cryptocurrencies are jumping across the board because even Wall Street sees what's going on: societies are stepping towards a more transparent and self-regulated system of economy. Plus, let's face it: no one's using physical currency these days anyway. It's all credit and debit cards, PayPal and other online payment services. Online banking is the norm. Online shopping is the norm. Soon, cryptocurrency will also be adopted globally and will literally change everything. Everything is already changing. Stay close to the fire, you won't get burned.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bitcoin Creeps Towards $5K

As of writing this, Bitcoin has jumped to $4,814.01. Crypto analysts are attributing the jump to the upcoming hard fork to take place on October 25th-Bitcoin Gold. Some are freaking out about the fork and without reason as many alt-coins have successfully introduced forks, both hard and soft, with very little impact.

Forks are utilized to branch off an existing alt-coin. In the way, for example, Bitcoin forked to create Bitcoin Cash and now, Bitcoin Gold. The number of original Bitcoin created stays in place. It's akin to the Gap opening Old Navy in that while the Gap itself remains, they've just created another way to make money with Old Navy. Bitcoin uses a hard fork, in which nodes and all other facets of it's online existence, require an update-without updating the nodes, they serve no function. With a soft fork, nodes should all be upgraded but old ones or ones which don't, still function.

The question which should really be on folks' minds, seeing the jumps in cryptocurrency, is "how can I get involved?" There are still measures one can take to get in on the cryptocurrency fire. While mining for Bitcoin and mining in general have seemingly gone away; along with those various tedious online faucets, one can still straight up purchase on an exchange like CoinBase. There's even a service, Bitpetite where one can invest a small amount of Bitcoin that will then be invested and grow. Hell, rumor has it soon even Goldman Sachs may start introducing cryptocurrency to clients' portfolios. Right now, IRAs can have cryptocurrency.

But to get in on altcoins on the cheap, without mining or turning a faucet on, simply search Reddit for "Jobs for Bitcoin" and Google: you'd be amazed by how many gigs out there are altcoin paid! And oh-don't forget to get yourself a wallet!

It's a Wild Ride, Strap In

It's October, 2017. Why would anyone expect any different from Bitcoin, Etherium, LiteCoin and the rest of the digital currency crew? I mean, one day China wants nothing to do with it, then a few weeks later, think otherwise. Why think otherwise unless it seems cryptocurrency truly is the wave of the future. The "new" economy. And why not? IRA's are now being built on alt-coins. This ain't your grandpappy's retirement. Nah-this is a whole new frontier because eventually, millennials will need to retire and they too will need something substantial to fall back on. So will our children, who are small now and haven't a clue what to expect.

As long as ICO's continue to become as mainstream as Kickstarter projects and as long as they will continue to be funded, strap in--no one's going anywhere. Even the smaller, lesser-known alt-coins are gaining momentum. Other nations have citizens who buy houses in Bitcoin. It's getting to be commonplace.