Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bitcoin Creeps Towards $5K

As of writing this, Bitcoin has jumped to $4,814.01. Crypto analysts are attributing the jump to the upcoming hard fork to take place on October 25th-Bitcoin Gold. Some are freaking out about the fork and without reason as many alt-coins have successfully introduced forks, both hard and soft, with very little impact.

Forks are utilized to branch off an existing alt-coin. In the way, for example, Bitcoin forked to create Bitcoin Cash and now, Bitcoin Gold. The number of original Bitcoin created stays in place. It's akin to the Gap opening Old Navy in that while the Gap itself remains, they've just created another way to make money with Old Navy. Bitcoin uses a hard fork, in which nodes and all other facets of it's online existence, require an update-without updating the nodes, they serve no function. With a soft fork, nodes should all be upgraded but old ones or ones which don't, still function.

The question which should really be on folks' minds, seeing the jumps in cryptocurrency, is "how can I get involved?" There are still measures one can take to get in on the cryptocurrency fire. While mining for Bitcoin and mining in general have seemingly gone away; along with those various tedious online faucets, one can still straight up purchase on an exchange like CoinBase. There's even a service, Bitpetite where one can invest a small amount of Bitcoin that will then be invested and grow. Hell, rumor has it soon even Goldman Sachs may start introducing cryptocurrency to clients' portfolios. Right now, IRAs can have cryptocurrency.

But to get in on altcoins on the cheap, without mining or turning a faucet on, simply search Reddit for "Jobs for Bitcoin" and Google: you'd be amazed by how many gigs out there are altcoin paid! And oh-don't forget to get yourself a wallet!

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