Friday, October 13, 2017

Move Over Sachs and Stanley-Bitcoin's on Fire

The numbers coming out today are stunning. Thing is, it's not just Bitcoin that's jumping here, it's Etherium too, and Litecoin (happy birthday, Litecoin-6 years old) as well as most altcoins really. There's no doubt all eyes are on blockchain technology. It's attractive. It's transparent. It's causing jealousy. It can and will be, adopted by most major industries in due time.

Cryptocurrencies are jumping across the board because even Wall Street sees what's going on: societies are stepping towards a more transparent and self-regulated system of economy. Plus, let's face it: no one's using physical currency these days anyway. It's all credit and debit cards, PayPal and other online payment services. Online banking is the norm. Online shopping is the norm. Soon, cryptocurrency will also be adopted globally and will literally change everything. Everything is already changing. Stay close to the fire, you won't get burned.

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