Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bitcoin Busts $8K

Well, overnight, Bitcoin threw itself over the $8K mark. So many factors are at play here. The cancellation of the new hard fork, Bitcoin Gold, backing away from fly by night ICOs. 

While some still speculate this is still all a “bubble”, those in the “know”, redicule this notion as blockchain technologies continue to find ways to integrate itself in society, not just cryptocurrencies. 

What will happen now, is the Feds will get off their butts and really try to figure a way to regulate the market. But it still won’t happen overnight. There’s too much on their plates as it is and they will, rather than focus on the coins themselves, specifically find a way to introduce blockchain. 

As it is, Litecoin is up to $75 and most of the major coins are jumping. The fire is now raging! Jump in while you can!


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