Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bitcoin Still Over $8k

While the cryptocurrency market continues to soar and jump, and Bitcoin sitting above $8k looking pretty, folks are wondering how to jump in the fire. Is it too late to invest? Is it even worth it? To which my response continues to be: get involved. Invest. 

As more investment firms like Goldman Sachs continue to introduce crypto and services accept them as a form of payment, it’s awful clear this market ain’t going anywhere. It can certainly exist alongside more traditional assets and investments. It’s being taken seriously. 

And just as we’re warned against bothering with junk bonds, now, warnings for certain ICOs and a vast majority of them in general, have assumed junk bond status in the world of crypto. If anything, with everything happening today, the opportunities to invest in some ICOs is always present. These tokens can lead to amazing things or not. It’s very similar to the stock market in this way. Investors are so hungry for the next big coin, the market has, in many ways, thrived off hype. 

The numbers however, are proving altcoins, some ICOs and crypto in general, is more than hype. It’s here. It’s worthy of all the eyeballs and hype. It’s not going anywhere and continues to rise!  

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