Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bitcoin Surpasses $9K!!!

It’s true! Bitcoin has, as I type, reached the $9K mark and then some! It’s presently at around, $9,137. Not too shabby at all! So here come all the stories: how much one had and got rid of, how many a gaggle used to cost back when and so on. I mean, rightfully so! Are you kidding me? What bubble? This is real? Of course everyone is sharing their personal horror story of Bitcoin loss and gain—it just jumped deeper into the fire and passed $9K for one Bitcoin! Now, that’s impressive!

Are the theories true? Will it and can it, pass or reach $10K by Christmas? These questions are reasonable. After all, the climate and market are both vilotile and unsteady. No matter these amazing results, it is still a very “new” market and one the Feds still haven’t figured out, how best to control. But they are indeed working on it and one day like rain, regulations may be placed on it all. It’s all hypothetical for now. 

One thing is for certain: Bitcoin rises as do the other main three in Ethereum and Litecoin. Ether clocking in around the mid-$460 range is marvelous as is LiteCoin’s sitting at $85 as I type. 

One seems to help the other. Especially now as those who may have missed the Bitcoin train are realizing they can invest wisely in the others. One seems to help the other. The tokens jump, the coins jump and the main cryptos all hop into the fire! There’s actually never been and always will be really, a fine time to invest in the cryptocurrency fire! 

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