Saturday, December 30, 2017

XRP Ripple: 100% Hype-Worthy

The coin which was valued at .24 to start the month of December, 2017, has gone up in flames so much, it was for 48 hours the hottest cryptocurrency on the planet! Ripple which has slowly but surely rising in the charts, was sold for $2.10 yesterday (12.29.17) morning. Its rise was close to 2000%. 

Rumors are floating around Coinbase may introduce it to its exchange. And why not? Seeing how 2017 wound up being the rise of the altcoin, with Litecoin reaching and passing $300, it would only make sense as the year draws to a close, Ripple jumps. Its partnership with SBI Holdings in the Asian market, centralized blockchain system and potential for huge growth make it now one of the most sought after cryptocurrrencies. Most predict 2018 to be the year it reaches $10. Even $20! 

Ripple is utilized by numerous banks in Japan and throughout Asia. They also have a strong team of support featuring digital media giants. 

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin continue to dance around the $13-high $14k, $600-$800 and $209-$400 ranges respectively, Ripple has been consistent in its growth. 

Open an account with Binance. Transfer ETR or BTC to it and get your share of Ripple (XRP) while they’re hot! You’ll thank yourself later. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Bitcoin Takes Big Dive, Everyone Loses Their Mind

It’s true: today was not a good day for the cryptocurrency market. In fact, it’d seem after only a week of accolades and bubbly popping, a lot of bandwagon investors are sad and selling. A lot of selling happening. 

Consequently, the other majors such as Ethereum and Litecoin have also plummeted. Ether in particular was riding hugh and almost at $1K, yet, couldn’t hit it. Same for Bitcoin: almost at $20K, but couldn’t smack it. So close, yet so far and now, really far. 

But, this is what it’s always been like been a crypto investor. The charts work with you one day, then flip dip the next. While futures and investment portfolios going crypto may have a part in the fall, this is nothing to worry about. It’s what will tell the investors from the crypto investors apart. And as BTC hits $20K, it might be too late to return. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Bitcoin Dips Then Jumps as Ether and Lite Rise

Bitcoin is flirting with $20K, making the rise look easy. The flames are getting higher as other altcoin like Ethereum and LiteCoin jump too! As of writing this, Ether is up to $686 and Lite is $303. Everyone has been waiting for the others to hop and now they are! Bitcoin, as of writing this, snuggles up to $17,642 after dipping back to $14K at one point at the top of this past week.

It seems as though BTC has taken a liking to jumping at night. Early evening through the late night, is the best time to watch the activity. Again, what's putting smiles on investors' faces right now, are the jumps from Ether and Lite. For the first time in a while, the big three are jumping hot flames all together. Not see-saw as it has been.

Keep an eye on Ripple and Monero, as well as Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Dash, incidentally, sits pretty at $892. It's happening all over the place: flames rising, coins and tokens jumping! The charts are hopping! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bitcoin Close to $14.5K

So, what do you say to those who suspected Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency fire of being a bubble, as BTC approaches $15K? Right now, Bitcoin has risen to $14,160. Anyone who’s anyone is buying in. Excellent. This will prove eventually, a digital and transparent system of exchange is possible and exists—it does exist, but soon, again thanks to Blockchain, this system of transparent exchange free of meddling, will bust out beyond the niche of digital currency. 

Bitfinex’s book, pictures above, is either super slow to the take or Bitcoin literally jumped $150 in three minutes. Hey, it’s possible. Bitcoin is literally smashing the charts and reaching for a value greater than your average hedge fund manager can wrap their head around. And that’s the best part about Bitcoin and altcoin: no one really knows what’s going to happen, what’s happening, or what happened. It just is. And because folks seem unable to wrap their heads around these concepts, because it’s “so completely foreign”, it’s “got to be a bubble”. No. It doesn’t. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

24 Hours Later, Bitcoin Jumps Again

Yesterday, writing about Bitcoin approaching $12K means nothing as this morning it soars towards $13K. That’s right, within 24 hours, Bitcoin is jumping another thousand. Will Bitcoin rock the charts to $20K before the new year? What will the beginning of 2018 look like in the cryptocurrency market? 

While Bitcoin continues to catch fire, Ether and LiteCoin remain the same. Eventually, we can look to the other altcoins to soar, but for now, all eyes are on Bitcoin. Yes, Monero and Ripple are both jumping somewhat. If anything, what’s happening now as investors realize the coins themselves are worth the hunt rather than ICOs, the lesser known altcoins are catching fire. And why not? After all, these coins have been here for a while too and if Bitcoin is too rich for crypto investors, look elsewhere. It all will jump. It’s jumping as I type. 

Taking Ether to purchase altcoins to sit on, is a great way to get involved and enter the fire. Check the charts. Get Coinbase and have fun! Now’s the time! 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bitcoin Can't and Won't Stop Nears $12K

The above image is something we'll soon see practically everywhere. And why not? Bitcoin, as I type, is valued at 1 BTC = $11,759 USD. Ethereum sits at $459 while LiteCoin stays steady at $101. LiteCoin has, throughout the greater part of 2017, sat in the $40-$70 neighborhood. It, like Ether, has enjoyed the last quarter of this year and Bitcoin's rise. The flames of the fire have roared since the latter part of Autumn. The hype is real. The fire isn't going out despite hypotheticals and opinion from some economists, Wall Street and other "bubble worriers". Analysts are on television daily, discussing Bitcoin. Minds are being blown and educated. Those who weren't knowledgeable, are now.

The chart is burning! The spikes are insane! Folks are still trying to wrap their heads around the last fork and fork cancellation, Bitcoin Gold and Cash. Bitcoin Cash, as of typing this, is at a pretty $1413K! What a year. What news for the world of cryptocurrency. We aren't that far removed from the start of all of this. And as we see cities figuring out how to get digitized and in bed with technology lead infrastructure, major institutions offering crypto in portfolios and the Feds also trying to figure out what to do with the Internet and Bitcoin--the writing is on the wall.

Let's face it: Blockchain is what this is all about. It's the future of peer-to-peer transactions. It's a baby right now, despite it's age. Meaning, this system will truly be adopted by everything and everyone eventually. When we examine the success of Bitcoin, we'd be remiss to not realize it's all about the Blockchain. And once its systems of security are 100% on point, and exchanges and wallets follow suit, nothing will beat it.

Right now, there's only one thing and one thing only that can bring Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency down: terrorism, namely Isis/Isil. If any acts of terror are found to have been funded by any altcoins, the flames will be put out. As far as anyone knows, this has yet to happen. Once again, because of Blockchain, we're able to see where every Bitcoin is and how it's used. Every bit of Bitcoin, literally, is on the virtual ledger and can't be tampered with. If one funds a heinous act or purchases something illegally with Bitcoin, it's noted. The buyer and seller are logged. Neither party can edit or change this.

Bitcoin knows no bubble. Bitcoin is on the rise. It's all on the rise frankly. Even Monero and Ripple! Jump in the fire--any time is a good time.