Wednesday, December 6, 2017

24 Hours Later, Bitcoin Jumps Again

Yesterday, writing about Bitcoin approaching $12K means nothing as this morning it soars towards $13K. That’s right, within 24 hours, Bitcoin is jumping another thousand. Will Bitcoin rock the charts to $20K before the new year? What will the beginning of 2018 look like in the cryptocurrency market? 

While Bitcoin continues to catch fire, Ether and LiteCoin remain the same. Eventually, we can look to the other altcoins to soar, but for now, all eyes are on Bitcoin. Yes, Monero and Ripple are both jumping somewhat. If anything, what’s happening now as investors realize the coins themselves are worth the hunt rather than ICOs, the lesser known altcoins are catching fire. And why not? After all, these coins have been here for a while too and if Bitcoin is too rich for crypto investors, look elsewhere. It all will jump. It’s jumping as I type. 

Taking Ether to purchase altcoins to sit on, is a great way to get involved and enter the fire. Check the charts. Get Coinbase and have fun! Now’s the time! 

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