Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bitcoin Can't and Won't Stop Nears $12K

The above image is something we'll soon see practically everywhere. And why not? Bitcoin, as I type, is valued at 1 BTC = $11,759 USD. Ethereum sits at $459 while LiteCoin stays steady at $101. LiteCoin has, throughout the greater part of 2017, sat in the $40-$70 neighborhood. It, like Ether, has enjoyed the last quarter of this year and Bitcoin's rise. The flames of the fire have roared since the latter part of Autumn. The hype is real. The fire isn't going out despite hypotheticals and opinion from some economists, Wall Street and other "bubble worriers". Analysts are on television daily, discussing Bitcoin. Minds are being blown and educated. Those who weren't knowledgeable, are now.

The chart is burning! The spikes are insane! Folks are still trying to wrap their heads around the last fork and fork cancellation, Bitcoin Gold and Cash. Bitcoin Cash, as of typing this, is at a pretty $1413K! What a year. What news for the world of cryptocurrency. We aren't that far removed from the start of all of this. And as we see cities figuring out how to get digitized and in bed with technology lead infrastructure, major institutions offering crypto in portfolios and the Feds also trying to figure out what to do with the Internet and Bitcoin--the writing is on the wall.

Let's face it: Blockchain is what this is all about. It's the future of peer-to-peer transactions. It's a baby right now, despite it's age. Meaning, this system will truly be adopted by everything and everyone eventually. When we examine the success of Bitcoin, we'd be remiss to not realize it's all about the Blockchain. And once its systems of security are 100% on point, and exchanges and wallets follow suit, nothing will beat it.

Right now, there's only one thing and one thing only that can bring Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency down: terrorism, namely Isis/Isil. If any acts of terror are found to have been funded by any altcoins, the flames will be put out. As far as anyone knows, this has yet to happen. Once again, because of Blockchain, we're able to see where every Bitcoin is and how it's used. Every bit of Bitcoin, literally, is on the virtual ledger and can't be tampered with. If one funds a heinous act or purchases something illegally with Bitcoin, it's noted. The buyer and seller are logged. Neither party can edit or change this.

Bitcoin knows no bubble. Bitcoin is on the rise. It's all on the rise frankly. Even Monero and Ripple! Jump in the fire--any time is a good time.       

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