Friday, December 15, 2017

Bitcoin Dips Then Jumps as Ether and Lite Rise

Bitcoin is flirting with $20K, making the rise look easy. The flames are getting higher as other altcoin like Ethereum and LiteCoin jump too! As of writing this, Ether is up to $686 and Lite is $303. Everyone has been waiting for the others to hop and now they are! Bitcoin, as of writing this, snuggles up to $17,642 after dipping back to $14K at one point at the top of this past week.

It seems as though BTC has taken a liking to jumping at night. Early evening through the late night, is the best time to watch the activity. Again, what's putting smiles on investors' faces right now, are the jumps from Ether and Lite. For the first time in a while, the big three are jumping hot flames all together. Not see-saw as it has been.

Keep an eye on Ripple and Monero, as well as Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Dash, incidentally, sits pretty at $892. It's happening all over the place: flames rising, coins and tokens jumping! The charts are hopping! 

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