Friday, December 22, 2017

Bitcoin Takes Big Dive, Everyone Loses Their Mind

It’s true: today was not a good day for the cryptocurrency market. In fact, it’d seem after only a week of accolades and bubbly popping, a lot of bandwagon investors are sad and selling. A lot of selling happening. 

Consequently, the other majors such as Ethereum and Litecoin have also plummeted. Ether in particular was riding hugh and almost at $1K, yet, couldn’t hit it. Same for Bitcoin: almost at $20K, but couldn’t smack it. So close, yet so far and now, really far. 

But, this is what it’s always been like been a crypto investor. The charts work with you one day, then flip dip the next. While futures and investment portfolios going crypto may have a part in the fall, this is nothing to worry about. It’s what will tell the investors from the crypto investors apart. And as BTC hits $20K, it might be too late to return. 

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