Saturday, December 30, 2017

XRP Ripple: 100% Hype-Worthy

The coin which was valued at .24 to start the month of December, 2017, has gone up in flames so much, it was for 48 hours the hottest cryptocurrency on the planet! Ripple which has slowly but surely rising in the charts, was sold for $2.10 yesterday (12.29.17) morning. Its rise was close to 2000%. 

Rumors are floating around Coinbase may introduce it to its exchange. And why not? Seeing how 2017 wound up being the rise of the altcoin, with Litecoin reaching and passing $300, it would only make sense as the year draws to a close, Ripple jumps. Its partnership with SBI Holdings in the Asian market, centralized blockchain system and potential for huge growth make it now one of the most sought after cryptocurrrencies. Most predict 2018 to be the year it reaches $10. Even $20! 

Ripple is utilized by numerous banks in Japan and throughout Asia. They also have a strong team of support featuring digital media giants. 

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin continue to dance around the $13-high $14k, $600-$800 and $209-$400 ranges respectively, Ripple has been consistent in its growth. 

Open an account with Binance. Transfer ETR or BTC to it and get your share of Ripple (XRP) while they’re hot! You’ll thank yourself later. 

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