Saturday, March 31, 2018

True Reply: An ICO That Makes Sense


There are a ton of ICO's these days. And rightfully so. If a company wants to get going, it makes sense to seek support from the crypto community.

True Reply, or TrueCoin, is a very useful coin. One takes surveys and interacts with questionnaires and are rewarded. This is huge for medical-related surveys and trials.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 2018: The Bitcoin Strikes Bakc (that was intentional)

As of writing this, much to everyone’s delight, Bitcoin has, once again, hit and surpassed the $11k (USD) mark. The strengthens of other nations getting privy to the decentralized digital currency markets; and the undying fascination coupled with the once seemingly demented war cries, “HODL”, have clearly had an effect. 

Etherium has been steady in the $850-$950 realm and Litecoin seems to be experiencing some grit nh osuna all over again as it bounces around $220-$300. The altcoin market has also seen some highs and lows, with most of its rise occurring literally, over night in the wee hours. 

The Pineapple Fund  which was formed anonymously, has seen its funds grow to new heights. The founder initiated things by paying it forward with $84M in Bitcoin. The fund has helped many and is a fantastic poster for wyst can be accomplished with cryptocurrency. 

Hodl indeed. Rumor has it, Bitcoin will soar to ridiculous heights come Summer time. The flames are getting crazy hot and the time has never been better to jump in.