Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dips Are Expected as The Slippery Hands of Regulation Pry

What can you do? As long as there are decentralized systems of digital currency, with transparency; the Feds and others are always want to try and figure out hw to take funds away from anyone not addicted to fiat, namely, the "almighty" USD. 

But as one coin dips, others rise. As seen recently with LiteCoin and ETH. As well as some of the smaller altcoins. But there's no question, they seem to help one another. When the chip are down, they all dip save a few of theirs altcoins like XRP and DASH. But when the majors rise, they tend to all follow along for the ride. 

Possibly due to the affects of regulation global gatherings, of politicians and financial experts trying to make heads or tails of it all, crypto markets dip. But the next day, when entities announce the introduction of crypto portfolios ad it seems as though people "get it", it jumps. 

Ironically, the Cryptocurrency Market, as volatile as it may be at times, is so far proving more consistent and transparent than traditional Wall Street. And despite occasional hacks and scams, overall it feels less sharky and corrupt than Wall Street. 

At the end of the day, the United States in particular, seems not to take kindly to those who utilize anything other than the USD. This is proven is our soured foreign relations with nations wanting to veer way from the dollar. Eventually, and hopefully in the near future, as blockchain technology makes more of as splash, the Feds will back off and recognize, as some Asians markets have, that for a vast number of citizens, this is often their only way to invest. 

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